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 Lostprophets 22nd April

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PostSubject: Lostprophets 22nd April   Mon Apr 23, 2007 9:42 pm

So. Last night I went to see Lostprophets at Wembley.
Supported by Aiden and Taking Back Sunday.
It was one hell of a night to be suuure.

I didn't take any pictures of Aiden.
This is simply 'cos Wil Francis
(or whatevs his name is)
would have broken my camera
(with his uglyness lmao)

I did, however,
get pictures of the lovely Taking Back Sunday and Lostprophets...
(clicky clicky for bigger piccies)

This. Is Adam Lazzara. (mhmm)

And. This. Is Ian Watkins. (mhmmm)

Now, you're probably wondering why the hell Ian suddenly got so small.

Answer: me and my friend were together at the front
but we then suddenly got separated..
and then I ran as fast as I could towards to back of the venue
to the safety of my brother and my mate's dad.
I'm such a coward I couldn't stand to be near the moshpits on my own..

I'm just waaay too small to be in that situation right?

hehe. but apparently, according to my friend
(who - by the way is incredibly brave,
as she not only moshed
but crowd-surfed and is now covered in bruises)
said Ian looked wonderful and she was really really close.
Fair play.
I was waay too scared tbh.

And that is my tale.

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PostSubject: Re: Lostprophets 22nd April   Mon Apr 23, 2007 11:36 pm

i so wish i was there to see the lovely adam lazzara!

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Lostprophets 22nd April
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